Verelink offers various services for server such as server management, webhosting, cloud management, and etc

Server Management

We manage dedicated server and VPS(virtual private server)

  • Server Management
    We will operate and maintain the server.
    Available work:
    • Maintenance and management work on Web servers such as Linux and Windows Server
    • Periodic data backup operation
    • Database backup operation
    • Regular maintenance work
    • RAID monitoring
    • Alive monitoring
    • Cause investigation and recovery work at the time of failure

  • Server Construction
    From general LAMP environment to building a server with more than one, VPS (virtual private server) construction, if you build a server please leave.
    Available work:
    • Construction of Web server in LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    • Building Web servers with multiple units
    • Building a Web server for VPS (virtual private server)
    • Database server construction
    • File server construction
    • Streaming server construction
    • Building a VPN server
    • Building a web server on Windows Server
  • Server Relocation
    We will act on behalf of server relocation. For general server companies, there is a possibility that server relocation work can not be satisfied satisfactorily for Web services etc. where the system is constructed complicatedly. Since we have a lot of experience in system development, we can do server relocation work with system consideration.
    Available work:
    • Relocating the web server in the LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    • It is possible to move web servers in various languages such as Python, Perl, C/C++, C#
    • Server relocation work of multiple units
    • Web server relocation work of VPS (Virtual Private Server)
    • Relocating the Web server on Windows Server
    • We are possible to cope with complicated web service relocation work of the system (However, it may be necessary to separately pay system adjustment cost)

  • Middleware Installation
    Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postfix, Dovecot, and other applications on the server will be installed and configured.
    Available work:
    • Install and configure httpd server (eg Apache)
    • Installing and configuring SSL
    • Installing and setting up programming languages such as PHP, C / C++, Perl, Python
    • Install and configure mail server software such as Postfix, Dovecot

  • Trouble Shooting
    We will handle server-related troubles such as server down and HDD failure.
    Available work:
    • Investigation of cause and recovery work when server down occurs
    • Investigation of cause and recovery work at HDD failure occurrence
    • Preventive measures to prevent problems and devising and implementing improvement measures

  • Cloud Management
    We will do cloud server maintenance and management work such as Amazon EC2 and Sakura's cloud.
    Available work:
    • Maintenance and management for Amazon EC2, S3
    • Maintenance and management for Sakura's cloud
    • Other cloud server maintenance / management work


We offer rental server dedicated for business

  • Rental Server for Business
    We provide rental server service specialized for business use. In addition, it is possible to offer it by OEM.
    Available work:
    • Web hosting service specialized for business use
    • We can also offer OEM, resale, cooperation of web hosting business etc

System Management

We manage web system and web application also

  • Web System Management
    We can handle not only servers but also system construction, maintenance and management.
    Available work:
    • System construction, maintenance and management work of web service in LAMP environment
    • We can also correspond to various languages ​​such as Perl, C / C ++, Python
    • we also support system development on Windows Server

  • Web Application Management

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