Introduce about Verelink's products and solutions.

Rental Server for Business "V-Server"

We offer rental server dedicated to business.
V-Server is a rental server service specialized for business use.
In addition, it can respond to resale, operation support of web hosting business, etc.

1. What is V-Server?
Provide an optimal server environment for starting business using the Internet, such as company homepage, net shop and search engine. This is the mission of Verelink's business rental server, "V-Server".

3. Current status of rental server
Nowadays, the number of rental server companies is countless, so a server company with various price ranges, quality, characteristics etc is overflowing in the streets.

Among many rental server companies, there are two types, rental servers of cheap price and slightly higher price but high quality oriented rental server.

If it is cheap, although it is a price range from 100 yen per month to 1,000 yen per month, it seems like a glimpse of capacity and functionality as well as the possibility of operating a website for business. Therefore, not only individuals but also many people can borrow for business purposes.

However, in reality, in order to realize "cheap", since we have a large number of users on one server, it is not easy to support a single user, and the management system for one server is inadequate I can not deny it.

Occasionally, I was having trouble saying that I can not send e-mails, I can not access the server, etc. In the meantime, is there no experience that business has stopped moving?

There are a few cases where it is changed to a high quality oriented server due to that.

Compared with a cheap server, if you are a high quality oriented server, you can expect excellent products for the support system and server management system, but it will be expensive for that.

Among them, V-Server offers a new plan that combines its middle class, cheapness and high quality orientation.

3. Features of V-Server
    The number of users for one server is small, so the management system is prevailing
  • It combines cheapness and high quality orientation
  • Be professional in system development and homepage creation

Verelink, which runs V-Server, is a professional in production who has been engaged in web site development and web system development for many years.

Of course, I have plenty of experiences in server construction and server operation, but the more powerful thing I know more about homepage creation and system development in general is to see things by not only seeing the server but also the whole website You can do it.


****2nd generation (Managed VPS)****

Ace Series (Plan Ace, Plan Ace+)
Overview: Maintenance, operation and management of VPS server of domestic major companies by our company. It keeps the flexibility of the VPS server intact, covering the complexity of operation and setting, which was a disadvantage of conventional VPS.

Plan Ace (Managed VPS)
HDD : 100GB ※1
Initial cost : free
Monthly cost : ¥3,980 (Year collective only)
Unlimited Multi-domain
Unlimited E-mail addresses
Unlimited Databases
Backup : Automatic backup in server
Own SSL : Actual cost + work cost ¥10,000

Plan Ace+ (Managed VPS)
HDD : 200GB ※1
Initial cost : free
Monthly cost : ¥4,980 (Year collective only)
Unlimited Multi-domain
Unlimited E-mail addresses
Unlimited Databases
Backup : Automatic backup in server
Own SSL : Actual cost + work cost ¥10,000

※1 For the OS, Apache, and other middleware areas are included, the actual capacity will be somewhat less.
※ The displayed price is tax exclusive.

****1st generation (rental server)****
※Sales of the first generation have ended.

Economy plan
Initial cost : ¥5,000
Monthly cost:¥2,980
Unlimited Multi-domain
Unlimited E-mail addresses
Unlimited Databases

Business Plan
Initial cost : free
Monthly cost:¥4,980
Unlimited Multi-domain
Unlimited E-mail addresses
Unlimited Databases

Executive plan
Initial cost : free
Monthly cost : ¥6,980
Unlimited Multi-domain
Unlimited E-mail addresses
Unlimited Databases

Set up mail account (for 1st generation)

Set up email account
This is a mail account setting method for users using V-Server first generation.

Create a new email address
1. On the server management screen, click "mail account"
2. You can create an e-mail address by clicking "Add e-mail user" in the menu on the left.

In the normal case, check "normal mail" and enter an arbitrary password. If you want to transfer only to another mail address, check "Forwarded mail" and enter the forwarding mail address to "Forwarding address". If you also use it as regular mail and also transfer, check both.

Change / Delete E-mail address
 On the server management screen, click "Mail account", the list of mail addresses will be displayed. By pressing the edit button, delete button at each mail address, you can change and delete the mail address respectively.

Points to note when using e-mail software such as Outlook, Thunderbird
When setting up an account, please input the user name as follows.

Example: If the user name of your email address is yourname and your domain name is

If you can not send mail successfully, the solution is as follows.

  • In the account properties, check "This server requires authentication (for Outlook)"
  • If the port number of SMTP is set to 25 in account property, change it to 587, or if it is 587 it will be 25 if it can not be successfully transmitted.
(Depending on your Internet provider, it will be 25 or 587. Please contact your Internet provider for details.)

Cloud management solution

We offer cloud computing management service such as Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, and etc.

  • Server Construction / Management
  • Multiple units
  • Trouble Shooting

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